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The common goal at Longevity Health is to support patients in finding ways to become and stay healthy. We have created an in-house referral network of holistic healthcare providers with a wide array of practices and specialties, offering a variety of options for a vital and healthy life. What was initially the chiropractic and nutrition practice of Dr. Steven Margolin is now a beautiful and innovative 5000 square foot center where patients can find a comprehensive program tailored to their unique wellness needs. Our nurturing environment and community of practitioners enables effective treatment and efficient, lasting results.

From it’s beginning, Longevity Health has offered services that include chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutrition and environmental detoxification, quality vitamin and nutrient supplementation, herbal therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, aesthetics and rehabilitative therapeutic massage. In the effort to provide a more comprehensive level of healthcare we now offer personal core strength training, Pilates, hypnosis, integrative medicine and homeopathy, one-on-one yoga instruction, educational workshops, cosmetic laser services and physical therapy.